Pridebites "Love is Love" Collar and Leash

Pridebites "Love is Love" Collar and Leash

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To show your support the LGBT+ community, check out these awesome new collars and leashes! Designed just for the ARL, the horizontal rainbow says “Love is Love” across the entire leash and collar. The leash has a padded handle and is 6 feet long. Both the collar and the leash have the ARL’s logo on them, so your dog can show their support everywhere they go.

Collars come in sizes Small-Large, leashes are 1 inch wide, 6 feet long.

Small measures 11-15”, for pomeranians, chihuahuas, yorkies, toy poodles

Medium measures 13-21” for cocker spaniels, border collies, corgis

Large measures 17-25” for labs, golden retrievers, rottweilers, or poodles.

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