Dog Blanket Coat

Dog Blanket Coat


These cozy, reversible jackets are very stylish and will keep your dog warm all winter long. Their water-resistant outer layer keeps your dog dry while the inner fleece layer keeps all their heat in. The coats even have a reflective material over the top for night-time walks. 


Sizes: (neck:chest:length)

XX-Small: 8"13"8"

X-Small: 9"15"10"

Small: 10"16"12"

Small/Medium: 12"19"14"

Medium: 13"22"16"

Large: 17"28"20"

X-Large: 22"34"24"

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Sizes: (neck:chest:length)

XX-Small: 8"13"8", Toy Poodle, Pomeranian

X-Small: 9"15"10"  Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier

Small: 10"16"12"  Jack Russell Terrier, French Bulldog

Small/Medium: 12"19"14"  Pug, West Highland Terrier

Medium: 13"22"16" Beagle, Boston Terrier

Large: 17"28"20"  Boxer, Labrador Retriever

X-Large: 22"34"24"  Golden Retriever, German Shepherd