Piper, the 4 month old Boston terrier, came in to the ARL to get a reward for doing well at her puppy shots appointment. She got a new toy and some new treats!


Tobias, a tiny puppy who was just adopted, got to come in and get all of his puppy essentials, like a new bowl, a clicker, a squeaker toy, and a tennis ball so he can learn to fetch!


Maverick is a big ol’ puppy who got to come shop at the Animal House for some new apparel and a few new rope toys so he could learn tug-of-war!


Bandit, a 2 year old terrier mix adopted from the ARL in 2018, came back to the ARL to shop for some treats and a few grooming supplies!


1 year old Max got to shop today for a new bone and a couple new treat bars! He was so excited he could hardly sit still long enough for his glamour shot.